Rev. Katherine Blackburn

Wedding Officiant ~ Asheville, NC

I imagine that you are here because you are planning your wedding. I am happy for you and would be glad to officiate! Please look around to get a sense of what I have to offer you, and to hear from other couples about their experience working with me.


I enjoy helping couples craft the perfect ceremony that reflects their values and beliefs. I offer guidance and suggestions, but ultimately I encourage all of the couples I work with to choose what resonates with them, since it is their wedding and should be unique to them.



Welcome & Congratulations!

I consider it a great honor to facilitate weddings, and I am passionate about supporting couples to create a ceremony that is perfect for them. There is a beautiful energy that comes forth when couples celebrate their love for one other in this profound way, which spills over to those present, all of nature and the universe, bringing great joy. As family and friends witness your proclamation of love, we desire to love better and more ourselves. It is humbling to be invited to be a part of this sacred journey!


Congratulations again! May the two of you have a happy and fulfilling life as you step into the new world of marriage! Welcome to a copy of my Successful Marriage Booklet.


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